HS2 Stem Day organised by Smallpeice Trust

Thursday 18th January 2024 - Year 8 pupils

Stations of the future - Stations of the Future is a team-based design-and-present activity where students competed to design a futuristic train station considering future trends and the needs of all customers. Each team of four students produced a plan for their station, presented as a top-down map view, drawn on an A2 piece of paper. Each member of the team had a different real-life job role within the team and was responsible for the associated aspects of the design. At the end of the activity, students presented their designs to the rest of the group. 
Tunnel Building - In this activity, students designed, constructed and tested a supporting structure for a cut and cover tunnel. Each team of four students aimed to build a structure that meets three tests: 

  • that it spans the full 400mm distance between the tunnel entrances of the testing jig. 

  • that the train can fit through it. 

  • that it can withstand the ‘ground pressure’ of the weighted testing bag being put on top of it. 

Each structure is weighed before testing, and the lightest structure that passes all three tests is the winner.