George Eliot Academy Media Club article - Snowcase

The Snowcase Strikes Again!

The Snowcase Strikes Again!

Have you missed it? Well, don’t worry, because the Snowcase is back! With all new exciting performances across a variety of year groups, and this time we’re back better than ever. Are you wondering what the Snowcase is? Well, it is the annual talent show held at The George Eliot Academy to celebrate Christmas... and what better way to celebrate Christmas than through superb singing, dazzling dancing, ambitious acting and magnificent melodies?

            Keep your diaries free on Thursday 20th January 2022 to witness this extravaganza at The George Eliot Academy. This year’s Snowcase will take place as a recorded video due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Having the show recorded allows you to enjoy the more relaxed comforts of your own home whilst still getting a front seat view of the Academy’s talent. Not only this, but driving home on the night of Snowcase this year in the dark is non-existent and the capacity of the audience is unlimited. Moreover, the refreshments this year are free and of your own choice. Should you need to cater to life’s unexpected circumstances, then you can go and not miss a single moment of the show. There are so many positives with having the show online…so have we enticed you yet?

As you may know, times have been tough for all of us at the minute. The perilous pandemic has caused countless performances to be shut down, including the Snowcase. The performers in this show have reported feeling bad about Covid-19 and have expressed that they ‘hope it can be live.’ After talking to teachers, we have found that most of them are slightly concerned about Covid-19 and its impact on the Snowcase. However, they are nevertheless extremely excited now we know it is going ahead, just in a slightly different way to usual and with some safety precautions. You may be all wondering what precautions will be put in place to keep you, the students and the staff safe. Well, there will be a risk assessment put in place to protect staff and students whilst they are in school performing, and the all new and exciting recording will protect all of our lucky audience this year.

            If we haven’t persuaded you yet, then the comments from the performers and the teachers might. We have a variety of students in different year groups performing this year. Some of our students were asked how they were feeling about the show, and responses include feeling excited, prepared and calm. In Years 7 and 9, we have a contemporary dance and vocal performance from a group of six students, along with a solo singing performance. In Year 8, we have a dance solo and in year 9 we have a clarinet solo. We also have a piano solo to look forward to from our head boy in year 11, and a group drama performance from some of our GCSE drama students. As well as these fantastic independent performances, we also have been hosting a drama club after school for year 7 and 8 students, in which we have created a fantastic performance based on the well-known show High School Musical. Not only on this, but we also have a whole-school choir for all year groups, who have been preparing a performance based on ‘This is me’ from The Greatest Showman for the Snowcase.

So, with free tickets for a fantastically prepared show that can be watched in the comfort of your own home, what are you waiting for!? Make sure you keep Thursday evening free and get your popcorn ready… the Snowcase strikes again!